Sunday, August 29, 2010


I decided to apply for AdSense. It is still being verified so please don't be alarmed if you start seeing ads.

In other news, a nice quote from Anonymous:

"I scratch your back you scratch mine eh?"


  1. mine's still being approved after 1 day, how long would this take?

  2. Depends on the process, just gotta wait.

    But until then read this:

    "AdSense will start appearing on your blog, but they will be ads for Google products and public service announcements. These do not pay money.
    You will receive an email with a link to the second half of the application for AdSense. You will need to fill out your tax and business information and agree to AdSense terms and conditions. Google will verify that your blog is eligible for AdSense.

    Once your application is approved, your ads will change from public service ads to paying contextual ads, if any are available for the keywords within your blog."

  3. I scratched your back you scratch mine eh? ;p