Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paypal 6 Dollar Trick

(Repost from old site)

Alright, it's time I share with you the Paypal 6 dollar trick, this has been going around for some time now but it still works, I have made a nice amount of money off this ONLY having to spend $6.

Check out this link for the details:

The link should show you all the info you need to get started, add this to your own blog and start making extra cash for only $6!!!

-Cool News

Thursday, August 11, 2011

8/11 Re-launch

Hey everyone, I know its been awhile, but I thought its time to bring the blog back. I was too busy over the past year to keep it going, but now I have some more time. I'll be publishing some new work for you guys, updates too. Also there will be the first details of my new website project, so stay tuned!

-Cool News

Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 10/4

Woah, can't believe its already October! Sorry again for the tardiness of updates, most are just slight additions to code so you really won't tell, but still.... Anywho I probably won't be posting as much stuff for a little do to me devoting a majority of my time on a project which I've mentioned before, but haven't really gone into details. As it draws nearer, I shall give out more info! But onto other news. In case you're wondering what this picture is about, heres the deal.

The advertising site, POPADS, sent me an email earlier today. I'll sum it up for you.

"Our databases screwed up and we lost all data so we lost the info for your site, so sign back up and keep collecting more money. Sorry we can't pay you, oh well."

Yeah well not like they payed all that much for all the traffic I drove here, through very hard work! Most likely due to everyone blocking ads, but regardless, the money made from them is next to none, so no loss on my part. I'm REMOVING them, so yipee!!! I do no advise you to use them, due to 1) Low payment, 2) Bad service.

Hope you learned something :3

-Cool News

Monday, September 27, 2010

How to: Setup a basic HTML site

Hey everyone, posting a new How to on setting up a basic HTML site, useful for those who want to test out their HTML skillz

Alright well this is fairly simple, let me give you the run down.

  • First off, you will need to get the HTML code. This is probably the hardest part to do. If you are new to HTML (Very basic web coding), then just Google "basic html tutorial", or something similar. Honestly its not very hard to get a grasp for, you should be fine :)
  • You may want to use some sort of program, would make it alot faster especially if you understand the program already. I personally use Expression Web Ultimate 4, which isn't free, but there are many free ones out there
  • Next, go to, here it allows you to enter the HTML code, or you can optionally use plain text or rich text (also markdown) to add to your page. This may be helpful to those who are new to coding and such. Choose whatever fits your needs.
  • Last, simply hit publish when you have entered the code, and you will have your HTML code up. Now you can see your creation without having to go through the troubles of getting a domain/host. You can pass the website URL to you friends so they can check it out too!

I thought this info would be helpful to those who make blogs and would like to test out designing a webpage. Have fun with it :3

Also, on a side note, sorry for the lack of recent posting, while there is no excuse to leave my followers alone, I have been busy lately and didn't want to through up a half-thought of piece of junk and would rather wait until I had more time to think of a good How to :P


-Cool News

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/20

Cool Newz Update here!!!

For those of you who are still here, despite my short leave of absence (due to being sick + busy due to the lost time), all I can say is this. Wow whats keeping you here?!? Who likes reading a blog with nothing new on it, I know I don't! Which is why I would like to apologize for the lack of new content, although I can't really say I was freely choosing to NOT post anything new, which wasn't the case. Nonetheless, the show must go on!

This update will be pretty short and easy, just want to get back into the swing of things. So heres what I need YOU to do:

  • Post below with a comment on an idea for something you would like to start seeing on the site
  • Ideas can be, more How To's, New types of posts, Games, Contests, or anything, those are just to get your mind started!
  • Also, please link this site on your own blog to help bring back some fans, they have been slowly dropping out, and my support is dying :/
Also, please post + comment so I can keep checking out everyones blogs! I honestly do check out each viewer who comments, and I try to check out all the followers, but theres alot of them :3

Anyway, thanks for reading this update!

-Cool Newz

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sick: 9/16

Hey just a temporary post to let everyone know I've been under the weather the past few days. I haven't been able to get much done, at all. I hope to be feeling better soon and start posting new content! Sorry for the short post but I don't feel well enough to make it look very fancy.

-Cool News

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/12

Update time, I know everyone's favorite right? Right. Well if you check around the site, you will notice some subtle changes. There will be a few others coming shortly, but you know how I am, I'll let you know when they come out. For now, heres a nice handy list for the new additions.

  • Updated About Page
  • Fixed Donation Button (Yeah, like anyone uses it)
  • New Contact Page
  • New link to promote your site (Details to come in a How To)
  • All new, MUSIC PLAYER (Check below for info)
  • My undying love, wait, thats old

Alright well thats mostly it for this round of updates. Other than some minor HTML/Javascript code additions. Nothing too fancy. So whats up with this music player?

Thats, right, music. While your on the site, you will be able to listen to some jams! Comment below with 2 things:

1) Any song suggestion(s)
2) If you want a How To on adding your own music player

Feel free to use the Contact info to shoot me some emails on anything about the blog. Or if you want to say hey, be my guest!

I hope someone out there actually enjoys the About page, but its alright if no one uses it :(

I continue to appreciate your daily, loving, support. Although views lately have been down, a lot. BUT, I am not blaming any of you at all, I should be the one tasked with finding new fans :3

For those of you still reading, I appreciate it, like always. I am planning on opening a new site soon, but am held back due to 2 things, A - Lack of funds, and B - problems with site code. B can be sorted out easily, but A could be a problem. While there isn't really anything I can give in thanks to any donations, other than a thanks, I will happily accept suggestions. I hope to be able to link this site to the new one, to provide you all with more fun and entertainment.

Now to end my rambling, thanks for reading this Cool News Update!!!

-Cool News