Monday, September 27, 2010

How to: Setup a basic HTML site

Hey everyone, posting a new How to on setting up a basic HTML site, useful for those who want to test out their HTML skillz

Alright well this is fairly simple, let me give you the run down.

  • First off, you will need to get the HTML code. This is probably the hardest part to do. If you are new to HTML (Very basic web coding), then just Google "basic html tutorial", or something similar. Honestly its not very hard to get a grasp for, you should be fine :)
  • You may want to use some sort of program, would make it alot faster especially if you understand the program already. I personally use Expression Web Ultimate 4, which isn't free, but there are many free ones out there
  • Next, go to, here it allows you to enter the HTML code, or you can optionally use plain text or rich text (also markdown) to add to your page. This may be helpful to those who are new to coding and such. Choose whatever fits your needs.
  • Last, simply hit publish when you have entered the code, and you will have your HTML code up. Now you can see your creation without having to go through the troubles of getting a domain/host. You can pass the website URL to you friends so they can check it out too!

I thought this info would be helpful to those who make blogs and would like to test out designing a webpage. Have fun with it :3

Also, on a side note, sorry for the lack of recent posting, while there is no excuse to leave my followers alone, I have been busy lately and didn't want to through up a half-thought of piece of junk and would rather wait until I had more time to think of a good How to :P


-Cool News

Monday, September 20, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/20

Cool Newz Update here!!!

For those of you who are still here, despite my short leave of absence (due to being sick + busy due to the lost time), all I can say is this. Wow whats keeping you here?!? Who likes reading a blog with nothing new on it, I know I don't! Which is why I would like to apologize for the lack of new content, although I can't really say I was freely choosing to NOT post anything new, which wasn't the case. Nonetheless, the show must go on!

This update will be pretty short and easy, just want to get back into the swing of things. So heres what I need YOU to do:

  • Post below with a comment on an idea for something you would like to start seeing on the site
  • Ideas can be, more How To's, New types of posts, Games, Contests, or anything, those are just to get your mind started!
  • Also, please link this site on your own blog to help bring back some fans, they have been slowly dropping out, and my support is dying :/
Also, please post + comment so I can keep checking out everyones blogs! I honestly do check out each viewer who comments, and I try to check out all the followers, but theres alot of them :3

Anyway, thanks for reading this update!

-Cool Newz

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Sick: 9/16

Hey just a temporary post to let everyone know I've been under the weather the past few days. I haven't been able to get much done, at all. I hope to be feeling better soon and start posting new content! Sorry for the short post but I don't feel well enough to make it look very fancy.

-Cool News

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/12

Update time, I know everyone's favorite right? Right. Well if you check around the site, you will notice some subtle changes. There will be a few others coming shortly, but you know how I am, I'll let you know when they come out. For now, heres a nice handy list for the new additions.

  • Updated About Page
  • Fixed Donation Button (Yeah, like anyone uses it)
  • New Contact Page
  • New link to promote your site (Details to come in a How To)
  • All new, MUSIC PLAYER (Check below for info)
  • My undying love, wait, thats old

Alright well thats mostly it for this round of updates. Other than some minor HTML/Javascript code additions. Nothing too fancy. So whats up with this music player?

Thats, right, music. While your on the site, you will be able to listen to some jams! Comment below with 2 things:

1) Any song suggestion(s)
2) If you want a How To on adding your own music player

Feel free to use the Contact info to shoot me some emails on anything about the blog. Or if you want to say hey, be my guest!

I hope someone out there actually enjoys the About page, but its alright if no one uses it :(

I continue to appreciate your daily, loving, support. Although views lately have been down, a lot. BUT, I am not blaming any of you at all, I should be the one tasked with finding new fans :3

For those of you still reading, I appreciate it, like always. I am planning on opening a new site soon, but am held back due to 2 things, A - Lack of funds, and B - problems with site code. B can be sorted out easily, but A could be a problem. While there isn't really anything I can give in thanks to any donations, other than a thanks, I will happily accept suggestions. I hope to be able to link this site to the new one, to provide you all with more fun and entertainment.

Now to end my rambling, thanks for reading this Cool News Update!!!

-Cool News

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/10

Once again, posting up another Cool Newz Update. Hopefully everyone is starting to see a trend here. I'm trying to post daily, or close to daily, with either a Cool Newz Update, or How To. Although in the future, there should be some new types of posts. For now, your stuck with what you have :P

Todays update is giving you all an idea on what is it come. Like I keep saying, I hope to be adding some new features to the blog soon. These new additions should be coming in fresh this weekend. I promise to get them in by Sunday, although I plan to have it in sometime on Saturday.

This post was more of a filler, just so you didn't think I was leaving all of you great supporters, (hence the picture)

I must continue to thank all of my small, yet dedicated supporters. One of my plans is to have ways for you to post your thoughts about the blog and questions, ect. But I don't want to spoil too much :3

For those of you still reading, let me make this short. Thanks for sticking around!

-Cool News

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to: Stop following a Blog

Hey everyone, heres another How To. Thought this one might be helpful for those sites that you started to follow, but had second thoughts. Not that I am suggesting to remove yourself, (please don't, I love you all too much!) But realistically, you might not like a blog you started following and want to opt-out. Heres what to do.

1) Go to the blog you followed, and wanted to remove yourself.

2) Under Followers, click on Options then Site Settings.

3) Once you did this, you should have a window pop open. If not, try disabling your Pop-up blocker. (On a side note, please disable for this site to allow for popup ads :3)

4) In the new window, make sure you are on the Basics tab. Here you will see a blue link, like in the picture. Stop following this site. (something like this)

5) Simply click it, it will stop following the site, and remove you from the list. You will no be successfully removed from the site's Followers.

Its not much, but its a helpful tip that can help out when you're annoyed and can't figure out how to remove yourself. Hope you guys find this How To helpful!

Like always, please check in daily, I appreciate the little support this blog gets daily. I really owe it to you guys who keep checking back. I'll try to open up a suggestion section soon so I can get some feed back. I have a big chunk of site updates coming soon, just I haven't had the time to add them all and will as soon as I get some more free time.

Keep checking daily for more updates!

And one last thing, for the Pop-Ads, I KNOW they are annoying. I don't exactly like the service too much, partly due to very low payment-per-view. I promise once I reach $5 (Minimum cashout) I will remove them from the site. So far I'm only at around $0.05 with about 70 views.

-Cool News

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/5

Cool News, posting the daily update for September 5th. Theres a nice amount of new updates for the site, so please keep viewing daily and tell some friends, I'm hoping to setup a referral system soon :3

Since theres so many new updates, I'll be listing them in bullet form, then going over them.

Heres the list:

  • New site background
  • New page navigation
  • Updated ToS + button
  • New About page (In construction, but there is a nice game to play)
  • New Ad system (Along with AdSense/Link here: click )
  • New chat system (Planning on making a "game" type page with the chat on it instead of on the About page)
As you can see, theres been alot of new adds to the site. I hope to keep providing new content for everyone. All I ask of you is to keep up the daily views. If you really want to be helpful, bring in some friends to check out the blog, it would be greatly appreciated.

As for the new PopAds, I hope it will help bring in some much needed funding. I have plans on opening a new site, but that is for a later discussion.

I'll be posting a How To for PopAds later on, so please hold on for info.

If theres any update you want me to go into details on, please just post below!

-Cool News

Friday, September 3, 2010

How to: Add new pages to your Blog

Cool News, bringing you yet another How To.

This time I'll be showing you step by step, how to setup your very own Static Pages, which is provided by blogger.

Let's get started:

1) Go to Design (or add a new post, it takes you to the same menu)

2) Under the Posting tab (pictured above), go to sub-tab Edit Pages

3) Here, you will see a button to Add New Page, because you have none so far. Click this button.

4) Now enter the name of this page, ect. It will create it for you. Once created, edit the page.

5) When you edit a page, you can insert any text you want, along with HTML code. This will allow you to create various pages to use for your Blog.

6) OPTIONAL: You can go to you Widgets (Design), and move the Pages widget to the horizontal position which would create a navigation bar effect, similar to what I have on my page.
This would allow users to get that "website" feel to help find their way to your newly created pages.


Like always, I hope this information is helpful to you. If you have any comments/questions/concerns, please comment below.

On a side note, the Terms of Service page has been updated, be sure you check it out to make sure you're not breaking any rules. Thanks again to all my faithful followers, don't forget to spread the word to your friends!

-Cool News

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/1

Cool News, bringing you another Update. This one is pretty important, due to reports of recent abuse. To all users out there that are not causing any abuse, I thank you and plead that you remain loyal followers. :3

Currently, a ToS is being setup, but right now it is not fully configured and may be pretty annoying (I must admit). Hopefully soon a cookie system will be setup so once you accept the terms, you won't be prompted every time you visit the site. For now, please hang in there. If you have any questions about this, please post below.

And if anyone is having similar abuse, I may post a guide on how to setup your VERY OWN ToS. (Granted that the demand is high enough).

Thanks for reading this Cool Newz Update.