Monday, October 4, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 10/4

Woah, can't believe its already October! Sorry again for the tardiness of updates, most are just slight additions to code so you really won't tell, but still.... Anywho I probably won't be posting as much stuff for a little do to me devoting a majority of my time on a project which I've mentioned before, but haven't really gone into details. As it draws nearer, I shall give out more info! But onto other news. In case you're wondering what this picture is about, heres the deal.

The advertising site, POPADS, sent me an email earlier today. I'll sum it up for you.

"Our databases screwed up and we lost all data so we lost the info for your site, so sign back up and keep collecting more money. Sorry we can't pay you, oh well."

Yeah well not like they payed all that much for all the traffic I drove here, through very hard work! Most likely due to everyone blocking ads, but regardless, the money made from them is next to none, so no loss on my part. I'm REMOVING them, so yipee!!! I do no advise you to use them, due to 1) Low payment, 2) Bad service.

Hope you learned something :3

-Cool News


  1. I learned don't trust POPADS. Thanks doe the cool news. I will miss the updates

  2. Hey i just reached 400 followers. Come join the trollfest!

  3. thank you for sharing your experience with that company. ill be sure to avoid them now <3

  4. sorry about that, but good tip! cool blog, you got a new follower.

  5. interesting blog following you