Sunday, September 12, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/12

Update time, I know everyone's favorite right? Right. Well if you check around the site, you will notice some subtle changes. There will be a few others coming shortly, but you know how I am, I'll let you know when they come out. For now, heres a nice handy list for the new additions.

  • Updated About Page
  • Fixed Donation Button (Yeah, like anyone uses it)
  • New Contact Page
  • New link to promote your site (Details to come in a How To)
  • All new, MUSIC PLAYER (Check below for info)
  • My undying love, wait, thats old

Alright well thats mostly it for this round of updates. Other than some minor HTML/Javascript code additions. Nothing too fancy. So whats up with this music player?

Thats, right, music. While your on the site, you will be able to listen to some jams! Comment below with 2 things:

1) Any song suggestion(s)
2) If you want a How To on adding your own music player

Feel free to use the Contact info to shoot me some emails on anything about the blog. Or if you want to say hey, be my guest!

I hope someone out there actually enjoys the About page, but its alright if no one uses it :(

I continue to appreciate your daily, loving, support. Although views lately have been down, a lot. BUT, I am not blaming any of you at all, I should be the one tasked with finding new fans :3

For those of you still reading, I appreciate it, like always. I am planning on opening a new site soon, but am held back due to 2 things, A - Lack of funds, and B - problems with site code. B can be sorted out easily, but A could be a problem. While there isn't really anything I can give in thanks to any donations, other than a thanks, I will happily accept suggestions. I hope to be able to link this site to the new one, to provide you all with more fun and entertainment.

Now to end my rambling, thanks for reading this Cool News Update!!!

-Cool News


  1. awesome additions...
    i guess im gonna use these widgets myself

  2. following,supporting,lovin' :D

  3. Very nice.


  4. Good idea regarding a music player, the more music the better is what i say!

  5. Hm, maybe I'll have to consider a donation button/option since I'll start providing some top secret recipes I've found ;)

  6. good information here thanks for sharing

  7. Thanks for the kind comments on my blog :)

  8. looks cool, although i did really like the old design...


    i like your blog name

  10. Hm. Thats some pretty cool stuff. I'll have to go take a look at these.