Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How to: Stop following a Blog

Hey everyone, heres another How To. Thought this one might be helpful for those sites that you started to follow, but had second thoughts. Not that I am suggesting to remove yourself, (please don't, I love you all too much!) But realistically, you might not like a blog you started following and want to opt-out. Heres what to do.

1) Go to the blog you followed, and wanted to remove yourself.

2) Under Followers, click on Options then Site Settings.

3) Once you did this, you should have a window pop open. If not, try disabling your Pop-up blocker. (On a side note, please disable for this site to allow for popup ads :3)

4) In the new window, make sure you are on the Basics tab. Here you will see a blue link, like in the picture. Stop following this site. (something like this)

5) Simply click it, it will stop following the site, and remove you from the list. You will no be successfully removed from the site's Followers.

Its not much, but its a helpful tip that can help out when you're annoyed and can't figure out how to remove yourself. Hope you guys find this How To helpful!

Like always, please check in daily, I appreciate the little support this blog gets daily. I really owe it to you guys who keep checking back. I'll try to open up a suggestion section soon so I can get some feed back. I have a big chunk of site updates coming soon, just I haven't had the time to add them all and will as soon as I get some more free time.

Keep checking daily for more updates!

And one last thing, for the Pop-Ads, I KNOW they are annoying. I don't exactly like the service too much, partly due to very low payment-per-view. I promise once I reach $5 (Minimum cashout) I will remove them from the site. So far I'm only at around $0.05 with about 70 views.

-Cool News


  1. Sad that I have to use this option. Nobody updating or doing much of anything lately.

  2. It is pretty sad, alot of sites popped up and now people are leaving them to rot. I hope to keep daily posts going for everyone, its the least I can do to show my appreciation for everyones support!

  3. Thanks for the info =D

    I have similar how-to guides on my blog

    Feel free to check i out

  4. Your blog always has such useful information, thanks for this theres a few blogs that I follow that havnt been updated latly.

  5. I learned how to Stop Following when I tried to follow someone I already followed...hate seeing that screen :(

  6. I hate people that i follow who don't comment me back =(

  7. Ah thanks for this guide, been wondering how to do this.

  8. Some blogs are intresting and then people write nothing it's sad.

  9. nice tips

  10. love the post... I want to see moar!

  11. I never thought of it that way... interesting

  12. cool shit dude
    supportin cool blogs in my circle! VIEW my blogs?

  13. Yeah, if I blog stops updating for 3 days without any notice I just stop following them.

  14. Good tips! Although, im not one to just stop following a blog.

  15. cool advice?