Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Cool Newz Update: 9/1

Cool News, bringing you another Update. This one is pretty important, due to reports of recent abuse. To all users out there that are not causing any abuse, I thank you and plead that you remain loyal followers. :3

Currently, a ToS is being setup, but right now it is not fully configured and may be pretty annoying (I must admit). Hopefully soon a cookie system will be setup so once you accept the terms, you won't be prompted every time you visit the site. For now, please hang in there. If you have any questions about this, please post below.

And if anyone is having similar abuse, I may post a guide on how to setup your VERY OWN ToS. (Granted that the demand is high enough).

Thanks for reading this Cool Newz Update.


  1. I'm... I'm not entirely sure what you're saying. You're going to have a ToS for us to accept each time we visit your blog?
    That's fine with me, I just want to make sure I understand.

  2. follow back and clicky too. kthxbai

  3. if your TOS will include requirements that i send you pictures of my junk, you've got yourself a reader for life

  4. Cool, just showing my daily love. This was cool. Check my stuff out man.

  5. hm thats a good idea, but stuff can become annoying if this becomes a general rule for all blogs